Famous Fictional Lawyers Ideas

Individuals love to peruse wrongdoing books and sit in front of the TV arrangement that arrangement with law and equity. This is the motivation behind why there are such a large number of anecdotal legal counselors who have ended up celebrated and are appreciated by individuals. Some of these attorneys are appeared as to a great degree keen people who additionally have impressive sleuthing aptitudes required to tackle a case. Some of them are delineated as interesting legal advisors who goof up each intimation, are inclined to be cumbersome, and are incoherent, however they generally win their cases at last. Every one of them have a few things in like manner like dedication to law, an extremely exact and fastidious approach for illuminating cases, and an energy for reality. They demonstrate to us that reality at last wins and insidiousness is constantly rebuffed.

Best Fictional Lawyers of All Time

Perry Mason
One of the most well-known lawyers in fiction is Perry Mason. This character was created by Erle Stanley Gardner, and Perry Mason featured in over 80 crime novels. He is a defense attorney who specializes in murder trials, and has an enviable record of never losing a case. The first Perry Mason novel to be published was The Case of the Velvet Claws in 1933, followed by The Case of the Sulky Girl. It is seen in all his novels that Perry Mason likes to take on cases that seem hopeless and difficult. But, in the end, he is able to establish his client’s innocence and prove that the crime was committed by someone else. The novels invariably have lengthy courtroom scenes where readers are kept spellbound by Mason’s oratorical skills, and by the drama between Mason and the public prosecutor. Perry Mason’s unusual crime solving skills and his ability to prove his clients’ innocence each time makes him one of the best fictional lawyers.

Rudy Baylor
Rudy Baylor is a somewhat disillusioned law graduate from John Grisham’s novel The Rainmaker. Rudy Baylor graduates from Memphis Law School, but loses his position in a law firm when it is taken over by a larger firm. By a twist of destiny, he takes up a case against the Great Benefit Life Insurance who refused to pay the insurance of Donny Ray, a man dying of leukemia. He has to fight against ruthless and more experienced lawyers of the insurance company, and mid-trial Donny dies of leukemia in spite of having a matching donor. Although inexperienced, Rudy finally manages to win the case, and the jury awards $50.2 million to Donny’s family. However, the insurance company quickly declares bankruptcy to avoid paying the money. This leads to another lawsuit where Rudy drives the insurance company out of business. This novel has a lot of courtroom drama, emotional scenes, and all the elements of fiction. People love Rudy Baylor for his sheer determination and his unflinching courage.

Atticus Finch
Any list of great fictional lawyers would be incomplete without mentioning Atticus Finch from Harper Lee’s bestselling novel To Kill a Mocking Bird. He is considered to be one of the most honorable and ethical lawyers. He is a morally strong man who abhors racial injustice, holds no prejudice, and is a crusader of justice. In the novel, Atticus defends a black man, Tom Robinson, who is accused of raping a white woman. As the accused is black, no one believes his protest of innocence. Despite strong evidence of him being falsely accused, the town and jury want to convict him. Atticus and his family fight the hatred of the town, physical violence, and abuse for defending Tom. But, in spite of this, Atticus refuses to back down. In the end, the jury convicts Tom and he is shot and killed when he tries to escape from prison. Despite a sad ending and a grave miscarriage of justice, To Kill a Mocking Bird remains one of the most poignant and moving novels depicting racial injustice.

List of Fictional Lawyers

Fictional Lawyer Fiction (Movie/Novel/TV Series)
Will Truman Will and Grace
Jake Brigance A Time to Kill
Miles Massey Intolerable Cruelty
Billy Flynn Chicago
Miranda Hobbes Sex and the City
Denny Crane Boston Legal
Harvey Dent The Dark Knight
Regina Love The Client
Joe Miller Philadelphia
Wendell Rohr The Runaway Jury
Jack McCoy Law & Order
Arnie Becker L.A. Law
Dan Fielding Night Court

There are more lawyers in fiction whose skills as well as personalities have been greatly appreciated by people. Some funny ones are Elle Woods in Legally Blonde 1 and 2, Vincent LaGuardia Gambini in My Cousin Vinni, and Ally McBeal in the TV series of the same name. Notable fictional lawyers from TV shows are Sebastian Shark in Shark, John Fuller-Carp in Chambers, Bobby Donnell in The Practice, and Ben Matlock in Matlock.